Chloe Harris Biography

Who is Chloe Philips-Harris?


Born in Texas, Chloe Philips-Harris is a horse trainer, author and expedition leader from the Bay Of Islands in New Zealand. She’s has competed to 4* level in eventing with sport horses and  worked with nearly 100 wild horses from New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Ranges and the Far North region. She has a passion for wild horses and wild places and her first book « Fearless » tells about her heritage from Texas and the strong horse tradition where she grew up, to riding tough horse races and exploratory journeys on camels and reindeers in remote places such as the endless steppes of Central Asia and Australia’s deserts. She is concerned about animal welfare and is searching to understand and document traditional animal husbandry practices like the ones from the Dukhas and their ancient pastoralism. She visited this ethnic group many times, building a connection with their practices, engaging with her own approach as a horse whisperer.